Burnout to Balance is designed to help you manage stress, recover from burnout and create health, balance and wellbeing in your life. You’ll identify what’s causing you most overwhelm and stress and how to manage those.

You’ll introduce key Wellbeing techniques and practices so that you’re feeling restored to a strong place mentally and emotionally.

Evaluate where are you now in life and where you want to be. What’s holding you back? You’ll be guided through the obstacles and smash through any pesky blocks that try to get in the way too.

Then learn how to set goals and put plans in place to really get you set up to take action. You’ll plan how to create more balance between your personal life and business, reduce stress, stay motivated, work on time-management skills, find purpose and more fulfilment in life. 

Module 1   |   Mind   |   CLEARANCE
Declutter your mind to clear the overwhelm, creating space to redesign your life and learn how to take back your power and control.

Module 2   |   Body   |   HEALING
Work on grounding and recovery for your body. Stress management, identifying the sources of burnout, implementing some immediate changes to help clear your path. Healing through mindfulness, self-care and relaxation techniques.

Module 3   |   Life   |   EVALUATE
A full Life Audit to review where you’re spending your time and energy, what’s important to you and prioritise, making choices to redress the balance.  You’ll take time to fully consider the Mind:Body:Life:Soul framework and envision how you really want each area to become to bring purpose, meaning, balance and joy to your life.

Module 4    |   Soul   |   ENERGISE
Discover your purpose, strengths, values, talents and likes to help you be true to who you really are and recognise how you can use your life purpose to rediscover meaning in life and in your career. Let’s get crystal clear about your vision and intentions and what exactly you want to experience in your personal life and career. Before you can manifest what you want, you have to know what you want. We’ll plan for success and develop your perfect life plan and vision.

Module 5   |   Mind   |   LET GO
Getting out of your own way. You might already know your purpose but struggle with procrastination, feeling stuck and spinning in circles. You’ll learn proven CBT, mindfulness and mindset techniques for breaking through and releasing your inner resistance, self-doubt, fear, anxiety and all the stuff that keeps you playing small so that you can begin taking forward steps to the life of your dreams and being your authentic self.

Module 6   |   Body   |   RESTORE
Improve health and wellbeing. Nourish and strengthen your body through nutrition, physical exercise and movement. Gain acceptance. Embedding relaxation and stress management to reduce stress build up in your body and immune system.

Module 7   |   Life   |   PLAN
Planning to take your life to the next level. Let’s dive even deeper into some goals, creating detailed action plans and breaking through barriers and old patterns. Take back your time, creating more time for yourself. Learn techniques to keep your progress under review and set healthy boundaries to make sure you stay on track towards the life of your dreams.

Module 8   |   Soul   |   ATTRACT
Raising your frequency. Introduce new positive beliefs, thoughts and daily practices aligned with your vision. Raise your energy and consciously create. We’ll focus on the importance of taking action and guide you on what actions you need to be taking each day to manifest and create your ideal life.

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Declutter your mind to clear the overwhelm, creating space to redesign your life and learn how to take back your power and control.
MODULE 2 | BODY: Healing
MODULE 3 | LIFE: Evaluate
MODULE 4 | SOUL: Energise
MODULE 6 | BODY: Restore
MODULE 8 | SOUL: Attract